Orlando’s Employment Mediation Attorney

As a Circuit Civil mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court, Gary D. Wilson uses his more than 25 years of experience of representing both public and private sector plaintiffs and defendants in hearings, arbitrations, and litigation to assist his colleagues with private and amicable resolutions of employment and other civil disputes.

Today, mediation is required in nearly all civil matters by our courts.  Mediation can be used to resolve problems before they reach the stage of litigation or before parties enter the uncertainty of trial.  Although legal disputes can easily take years from start to finish through our court system, mediation has the potential to resolve a matter in a single session.  Furthermore, effective mediation of disputes has the potential to provide what the courtroom cannot – recognition of an injury and a chance for healing to begin.  Mediation also provides the parties to maintain greater control of the financial elements of litigation, including less money spent on legal fees and costs.   Moreover, because the results of mediation are private, known only by the parties, the outcome remains confidential.

Mediation Amenities:

Attorney Wilson provides a fresh, unique approach to mediation which is aimed at becoming part of the solution to the parties’ problem rather than a hindrance to settlement.

  • Fee Structure – Attorney Wilson charges the low rate of $375 per hour..
  • Complimentary Lunch for All Participants
  • Complimentary Security-Enabled WiFi
  • Virtual Mediations via Zoom with Separate Breakout Rooms Available
  • Ample, Free On-Site Parking
  • Complimentary Use of Presentation Equipment (High & Low Tech Available)

Scheduling Mediation:

To schedule a mediation with Attorney Wilson, simply call our office, at (407) 803-5400 and a friendly staff member will be happy to assist you in booking or holding a date for your mediation.  We welcome any questions you may have and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your clients. Contact our Orlando Employment Law Firm to discus your concerns.