We offer hands-on assistance and daily advice to existing businesses so their personnel decisions are soundly made in compliance with the law.

We assist employees right the wrongs caused by uneducated or unscrupulous employers through private negotiation or litigation.

We represent unions and their members in the collective bargaining process, grievance hearings, appeals, and PERC hearings throughout the state of Florida.

Whether it’s forming a new corporation or helping a mom & pop avoid unlawful pay practices, we help develop strategies and flat-fee services for start-ups and small business so they do things right from the start.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, we provide our knowledge and experience with the (often confusing) Florida unemployment appeals process through simple, low-cost, flat-fee representation agreements.

Gary D. Wilson’s decades of experience representing both public and private sector employees and employers helps him serve as a qualified mediator to assist parties reach amicable resolutions to civil disputes.