Experienced Orlando Unemployment Appeal Attorney

Obtaining unemployment benefits can be a difficult process if challenged by an employer.  If a claims adjudicator has issued an adverse finding against you, we encourage you to immediately consult with an employment legal team.  Your opportunity to appeal the adverse finding is limited and must be done within 20 days.

Similarly, it can be just as difficult to keep the benefits initially awarded to you if an employer files an appeal to overturn a decision of the Department of Economic Opportunity.  Once an appeal has been filed, an appeal hearing will be scheduled.  During the hearing and Appeals referee will hear your claim, review offered documentary evidence and testimony from the claimant, the company, and witnesses. Having an experienced employment law firm fighting for you is critical to assuring that the relevant facts and evidence are properly introduced and considered by the Appeals referee.

At the Orlando employment law firm of Wilson McCoy, P.A., we will gladly put our more than 30 years of combined employment law experience to assist you with your Unemployment Compensation appeal.

Flat-Fee Service: Although each case is unique, most cases can be handled by our Firm on a low-cost flat-fee basis.  Please contact us today for a free case screening and quote for services.