Experienced Employee Misclassification Attorneys Serving Orlando, Florida

Under the FLSA, employees are presumed to be hourly employees unless you are classified under a specific exemption. Employees who fit in an exemption are paid a salary instead of hourly, however this often confuses employers and causes misclassification of employees.

At Wilson McCoy, P.A. we have over 30 years of combined experience representing clients in a multitude of employment disputes, including misclassification claims. We can apply our extensive knowledge of FLSA exemptions to your matter to help assess your matter and assert your rights.

Employee Misclassification Occurs Often
Over our 30 years of combined experience, our knowledgeable Orlando employment lawyers have come across many misclassified employees due to the numerous and dense Federal and State wage laws that regulate these classifications. Employers often misclassify exempt, non-exempt employees, as well as independent contractors, leading to improper payment of overtime, base pay, and other wage issues.

If you are a non-exempt employee, you are entitled to one-and-one-half times your regular wage for each hour worked over 40 hours weekly. If you are an exempt employee but fit under a certain salary threshold, you too are entitled to overtime payments.

Pursue Your Earned Wages With the Help of Goal-Oriented Advocates
If you believe your employer may have misclassified your position, you should contact our office today to speak with one of our highly trained employment law attorneys in Orlando. We can help properly classify you, pursue up to three (3) years of unpaid wages, and assert any other rights as an employee.