Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits – You Must Be Totally or Partially Unemployed

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In a previous blog entry, we discussed the criteria that must be met in order to be eligible to receive unemployment benefits in general terms. Each element will now be discussed in more detail throughout several following articles.  The first criterion was discussed in a previous blog entry.

The second criterion that must be met for you to be eligible to receive unemployment compensation benefits is that you are totally or partially unemployed.

“Totally unemployed” means exactly that; you are not working at all and are not receiving compensation for any work performed for any business, including your own.

You may also file for “partial unemployment” for any week in which you work substantially less than full time due to lack of work. However, your wages during that week must be less than your weekly benefit amount.  Moreover, if you apply for partial unemployment, you must be prepared to seek and accept additional employment on a full-time basis.

Remember, it costs you nothing to apply for unemployment benefits, so if you feel you are entitled to receive them, there is no reason not to apply. In the event you are denied benefits, but you meet all of the criteria, you should consider seeking the assistance of a law firm that will help in securing your benefits for you.