Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits: You Must Be Able To Work, Available To Work, And Actively Seeking Work

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In our final installment of explaining eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits, we find a much simpler analysis.

You must be: (1) able to work; (2) available to work; and (3) actively seeking work.

Being able to work includes having transportation to a job. In order to be available to work, you must also have arrangement for child care, if applicable. Finally, you must be actively seeking work and reporting your search through the Department of Economic Opportunity’s website.

We hope that this series has been helpful in providing information about your eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits. As mentioned, it costs you nothing to apply for unemployment benefits, so if you feel you are entitled to receive benefits, there is no reason not to apply. In the event you are denied benefits, but you meet all of the criteria, you might consider seeking the assistance of a law firm that will help in securing your benefits for you.

At Wilson McCoy we have a great deal of experience in handling unemployment cases, including appeals of the denial of benefits. If you would like to know more about your rights and the unemployment hearing process if you are facing a hearing or have been denied benefits, please contact us at (407) 803-5400 or info@wilsonmccoylaw.com, for an analysis of your situation and to schedule a consultation.